3D facial merging for virtual human reconstruction

R. Pagés, F. Morán
IEEE 3DTV Conf., 3DTV-CON 2012, Zurich, Switzerland, pp. 1-4, 15-17 Oct. 2012.


There is an increasing need of easy and affordable technologies to automatically generate virtual 3D models from their real coun- terparts. In particular, 3D human reconstruction has driven the creation of many clever techniques, most of them based on the visual hull (VH) concept. Such techniques do not require expen- sive hardware; however, they tend to yield 3D humanoids with realistic bodies but mediocre faces, since VH cannot handle con- cavities. On the other hand, structured light projectors allow to capture very accurate depth data, and thus to reconstruct realistic faces, but they are too expensive to use several of them. We have developed a technique to merge a VH-based 3D mesh of a recon- structed humanoid and the depth data of its face, captured by a single structured light projector. By combining the advantages of both systems in a simple setting, we are able to reconstruct realis- tic 3D human models with believable faces.


3D reconstruction, human 3D models, visual hull, structured light, 3D mesh merging.