Face lift surgery for reconstructed virtual humans

R. Pagés, S. Arnaldo, F. Morán
IEEE Int. Conf. on Cyberworlds 2011, CW'11, Banff, Canada, pp. 249-253, 4-6 Oct. 2011.


We introduce an innovative, semi-automatic method to transform low resolution facial meshes into high definition ones, based on the tailoring of a generic, neutral human head model, designed by an artist, to fit the facial features of a specific person. To determine these facial features we need to select a set of “control points” (corners of eyes, lips, etc.) in at least two photographs of the subject’s face. The neutral head mesh is then automatically reshaped according to the relation between the control points in the original subject’s mesh through a set of transformation pyramids. The last step consists in merging both meshes and filling the gaps that appear in the previous process. This algorithm avoids the use of expensive and complicated technologies to obtain depth maps, which also need to be meshed later.


Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Facial Animation.