About me

Hi there!

My name is Rafa and I was born in Mérida, a Roman town in the West of Spain. I did my PhD on 3D reconstruction at Technical University of Madrid (UPM). Before that, I studied Engineering on Telecommunications, which is a 5 year degree (Integrated BSc-MSc accredited by ABET) mixing computer science and electrical engineering, also at UPM.

I did my PhD at the Image Processing Group (GTI) at UPM. My main research topics are Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Image Processing. During my years of research I participated in several European projects where I dealt, for instance, with reconstruction of realistic human 3D models using a setup of standard cameras surrounding the subject, depth sensors and also structured light projectors; as well as the 3D reconstruction of buildings using a set of unordered images taken from different perspectives. This work has led to several publications on international journals and conferences.

In 2011 a friend and I founded our own startup, eyeQoala, where we built different 3D applications using Microsoft Kinect. Among these applications we developed a simple room scanning system. Unluckily, my colleague and co-founder had to leave the company for personal reasons and now I am considering other future possibilities.

Since November 2016, I'm a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin. I'm currently working in the V-SENSE team at the Graphics Vision and Visualisation group, supervised by Prof. Aljosa Smolic.

I’m in love with technology (I used to write a blog about it, though it’s only in Spanish, sorry: wp.rafapages.com) in general and VR/AR in particular. I love traveling and photography (and the results are on my Instagram profile!). If you want to know more about me, checkout my CV, and my drawn CV.

Nice to meet you!